This month, Equity Mutual funds in July sees its first outflow in 48 months.

Check out the Net AUM (assets under management) fund wise. Also compare asset movement with past month.

Mutual Fund Schemes AUM - Latest Data

The Monthly Comparison Table below allows you to compare the monthly AUM, assets for the current month with those for the prior month for each funds.

Scheme NameCurrent MonthPrevious MonthCHANGECHANGE %
Overnight Fund73431.468561.74869.77.10%
Liquid Fund441758.5426408.515350.03.60%
Ultra Short Duration Fund83823.173200.810622.314.51%
Low Duration Fund10425089026.415223.617.10%
Money Market Fund76261.866835.79426.114.10%
Short Duration Fund117516.1104780.712735.412.15%
Medium Duration Fund20969.620293.7675.93.33%
Medium to Long Duration Fund10707.110355.4351.73.40%
Long Duration Fund2614.32377.1237.29.98%
Dynamic Bond Fund20026.9177082318.913.10%
Corporate Bond Fund117662.5104404.513258.012.70%
Credit Risk Fund28987.429423.2-435.8-1.48%
Banking and PSU Fund104233.796816.37417.47.66%
Gilt Fund19027.215463.23564.023.05%
Gilt Fund with 10 year constant duration1384.91293.191.87.10%
Floater Fund41197.536075.35122.214.20%
Income/Debt Oriented Schemes1263852.11163023.5100828.68.67%

Scheme NameCurrent MonthPrevious MonthCHANGECHANGE %
Multi Cap Fund142266.7135616.76650.04.90%
Large Cap Fund145154.4137148.28006.25.84%
Large & Mid Cap Fund55208.552603.62604.94.95%
Mid Cap Fund83302.879993.33309.54.14%
Small Cap Fund46934.3446792255.35.05%
Dividend Yield Fund4106.83851.2255.66.64%
Value Fund/Contra Fund51988.148764.43223.76.61%
Focused Fund51142.348225.22917.16.05%
Sectoral/Thematic Funds62908.360109.62798.74.66%
Growth/Equity Oriented Schemes737608.170101636592.15.22%

Scheme NameCurrent MonthPrevious MonthCHANGECHANGE %
Conservative Hybrid Fund10907.610722.2185.41.73%
Balanced Hybrid Fund/Aggressive Hybrid Fund114273.4111624.42649.02.37%
Dynamic Asset Allocation/Balanced Advantage87391.984980.42411.52.84%
Multi Asset Allocation11346.111082.1264.02.38%
Arbitrage Fund68421.972079.5-3657.6-5.07%
Equity Savings10836.310934.6-98.3-0.90%
Hybrid Schemes303177301423.21753.80.58%

Scheme NameCurrent MonthPrevious MonthCHANGECHANGE %
Retirement Fund10239.49799.7439.74.49%
Childrens Fund8631.48257.4374.04.53%
Solution Oriented Schemes18870.818057.1813.74.51%

Scheme NameCurrent MonthPrevious MonthCHANGECHANGE %
Index Funds11777.311168.5608.85.45%
GOLD ETF12940.710857.42083.319.19%
Other ETFs198774.1175340.423433.713.36%
Fund of funds investing overseas4661.33903.7757.619.41%
Other Schemes228153.420127026883.413.36%

Mutual Fund Monthly Commentary

  • Mutual Fund Industry AUM GAINED by 6.4% MoM in July 2020.
  • Net Inflows = Rs.89,812.8 Crores.
  • Net Equity OutFlow = Rs.2480.4 Crores.
  • Total AUM stands at Rs.27,11,894 Crores.
  • Total No of Folio’s = 9.21 Crores (9,21,05,737).
  • Good positive inflows across all the Open ended DEBT Schemes.


  • Liquid funds has showed it’s huge inflow by 14055 Crores in MoM basis.
  • Gilt fund continued its trend with near all-time high inflows.
  • Index Fund (8.4%) & Gold ETF fund(7.47%) has Continued its steady inflow in this market.
  • Credit Risk fund  and Liquid funds  lose higher by over 3% while the rest are having positive inflows in Debt Schemes.
  • Overnight funds, Money Market funds, Low duration fund has gained some confidence among investors and gained over 20% in this month
  • Focused funds has spiked by 68% growth in this Month.(Year High Inflows)
  • Multicap funds,Large cap funds, Midcap funds seen a huge out flow due to Profit booking.
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