You are currently viewing Stocks Portfolio Tracker Spreadsheet – Download and Start tracking

Stocks Portfolio Tracker Spreadsheet – Download and Start tracking

A Stock Portfolio / investment tracking excel spreadsheet is a very useful tool for any investor. This tool helps you to keep track of the value of your investments over time.

Eventhough you get your Investments in your Broker account, why do you need Excel to track ?

Why do you need an Excel to track investments?

  • Excel helps you to track your investments against your any financial goals.
  • It gives you to review and calculate your stock performance as per your command.
  • You can see the Portfolio without the internet connection.
  • You can develop the sheet as you wish and see how your money grows.
  • It helps to see how your asset allocation and sector wise Graphs.

The Simple, Stock Portfolio investment tracking excel spreadsheet which I uploaded here for the reader is only to make them aware of the Excel potential for the investment tracking.

Stocks Portfolio Tracker Spreadsheet

Stocks Portfolio Tracker Spreadsheet template

Read the User Instruction to use the Spreadsheet.

You can contact us in below email to develop a Personal Financial Spreadsheet for you by paying a little fee.

If you want full version of the sheet, you can purchase as well.

To avoid Convenience fee, you shall use UPI payment also. (For Indian payments only)

How to Buy via UPI?

  • Pay Rs.499 via UPI Payment to 1stopinvestment@icici / Scan below QR Code
  • Send the same Screenshot to the email id :
  • Unprotected file download Link will be emailed after payment verification

1stopinvestment qr code

Please find this link to see supported UPI Payments App.

You can write an email to me here :

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FAQs :

  1. Many user have been asking, how to update the current market price in the unlocked spreadsheet ?

Here is the video for the ease of the users.


Please share with us also if you like to add any features. You shall comment below and same shall be implemented.

Download the Trail Version of the Excel spreadsheet here.

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  1. jay

    not able to unprotect the excel sheet

    1. Jeysivaa

      You shall unlock the excel sheet by paying a little fee. Thanks to know your interest.

  2. Rathish

    Can you provide one sheet for stock & mutual fund

  3. Nitin Palan

    Is this through ? Is the payment of Rs 499 applicable to Stocks as well as Mutual Funds or is Mutual Fund a separate sheet ?

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