Latest SIP Cashflow Data – February-2020

SIP means Systematic Investment Plan where Investors regularly invest in Mutual Fund schemes similar to recurring deposit.

Read about SIP more here. “Is the SIP investment concept suit you?”

SIP DATA-Feb-2020:

Indian Mutual funds have currently about 309.5 lakhs SIP Accounts as of Feb-2020.

SIP Inflow FEB

No of New SIP Accounts registered is 11.39 Lakhs.

SIP Inflow FEB

Total SIP AUM value is 311431 Crores.

SIP Inflow FEB

Total SIP Monthly Contribution value is 8513 Crores. (0.22% decrease)

SIP Inflow FEB

SIP Inflow FEB

All the data are from AMFI website.


There has been a slight dip in SIP in-flow in the month of February due to the fear of Coronavirus and other global market volatility impacts.

To achieve your financial goal, SIP should not be stopped during the market falling period because this is the time you buy more units.

Check out our SIP Calculator here to calculate your returns.

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