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Investor Checklist

6 must have Questions in your Investing Checklist

Why to have a Checklist for Investor before investing?

Always choosing the right instrument makes your money work for you 24×7 and helps you to achieve your wealth goal easily. It might look easy but this is where most investors lag and that is why I’ve created a check list. Only when all the conditions met, you have to proceed with your investment.

Investor checklist :

  • Is your Investment a capital accumulator ? (not the destructor).
  • Can your Business give rising or stable Returns ?
  • Is the capital deployed under your risk appetite?
  • Are you able to save tax by Investing?
  • What is your goal horizon, i.e, in how many years, you will start withdrawals from your investment.? (Investing product should be in line with your goals)
  • What is the liquidity is it offering?
  • Is this business have strong leadership team?

Do you do have any other points, do let us know in the comments🙂

Most of us search for risk-free investments. Unfortunately, no such plans are available in India.

Keep this in your mind. Higher the risk, higher the return and lower the risk, lower the return.

When someone approaches with risk-free SLOGAN, please be aware that It is SCAM and stop yourselves from such Fake promises.

Also, The Famous Investor Warren Buffet’s check list would be helpful for you.

Buffet’s checklist

  • The Investment product should be simple and understandable.

Investment must be rational; if you can’t understand it, don’t do it-Warren Buffet

  • Always understand the risk in the investment.

“Never test the depth of the river with both feet”-Warren Buffet

  • How does the Investment product been performing consistently over the years.

“In the business world, the rear view mirror is always clearer than the windshield.”-Warren Buffet

  • Does your investment works in favor of you in the future years.

“Only buy something that you’d be perfectly happy to hold if the market shut down for 10 years.”-Warren Buffet

  • Know about the Market value or worth of the investment product .

“Price is what you pay. Value is what you get”-Warren Buffet

  • The investment product management should be honest and competitive.

“Honesty is an expensive gift don’t expect it from cheap people”-Warren Buffet

  • The investment price should be attractive. (It doesn’t mean low price)

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