You are currently viewing Simple walkthrough of How to apply for an IPO in Zerodha

Simple walkthrough of How to apply for an IPO in Zerodha

Hello readers,

Regarding the Past IPO price and performance , Click here to read for more details.

Today I am going to apply for this IPO through Zerodha account.

If you don’t have Zerodha account, Click here to sign up and follow simple steps.

Others can also apply for this IPO from their Broking account.

Procedure to Apply for IPO :

1.Login to your KITE account !

    • In the Home page itself there is separate banner kept for the link.

2.Click on the BID button

IPO window will remain open from 10AM to 5PM on trading days.

3.In the BID page, Give UPI ID and Select Investor Type.  Now Enter the Quantity to apply. (i.e the Lot Size, In this case it’s 19 so it should be multiple of 19)

Select the cutoff price to increase the chances of allotting shares.  Submit  the page after tick the terms and conditions.

4.Once you submitted, you will see your IPO page like below & receive notification in your Mobile.

(The UPI Collect Request from the Bank might be delayed upto the end of the day also)

Once you paid, you will receive notification for the Application received. For the payment, see Check your UPI app to approve the request. (Request Received Tab)

Regarding the Payment , you can not apply from Zerodha account and UPI is mandatory for the IPO Process.

How can I find my IPO mandate on Google Pay?

If you have applied for an IPO on Console with your Google Pay UPI ID, You’ll get a notification on your Google Pay app, where you approve or reject the mandate approval request.

It will be available in the Gpay homepage itself.

Sometimes you may fail to receive the notifications,  So better try to proceed with any Direct Banking UPI.

Happy Applying IPO Investors !!

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