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India VIX – How it helps Investors and Traders

What is India VIX ?

India VIX is a Volatility Index based on the Index option prices of NIFTY.

It shows the Volatility or Momentum / Market fluctuations i.e Increase or Decrease expected in the Nifty50 over the next 30 Calendar days.

In other words, “It is a measure of underlying market index expected to fluctuate in the near term based on the Index option prices of NIFTY.”

Lower the VIX – Investors won’t have to worry about their portfolio.

Higher the VIX – Fear or Uncertainty will be higher among the Investors/Traders.

FACT : VIX is originally derived from Chicago Board Options Exchange(CBOE) in 1933.


India VIX value is computed based on the below factors :

  • Time to expiry
  • Interest rate
  • Forward Index Level
  • Bid-Ask Ratio

However, there is a detailed procedure on the calculation available in the NSE website. In India, NSE Computes the VIX value and this shall be used directly by the Investors & Traders without going through tedious calculations.

Range Calculation:

VIX is calculated based on the Implied Volatility. Implied Volatility is calculated by Black-Scholer option pricing formula.

Implied Volatility helps to find the extremes.

Expected Range (+/-) = IV * SQRT(x/365)

IV-> Implied Volatility

Where x is the number of days to expiry. (this shall be calculated taking weekends into account)

For Example:

India VIX – 41.1625 as on March 12,2020. March 26 is the Expiry date. Implied Volatility is 50.17.

x = 14 days

Nifty Closing Price is 9590.

Expected Range, sigma = (50.17/100)*SQRT(14/365) = 942 Points

On the Upside, we may expect 942Points in the next 14 days and Vice versa on the downside.

VIX Values is available in the NSE Website.



Chart Source: Moneycontrol

How it helps the Investors :

  • There is a correlation with the Nifty & VIX. With Rising VIX, NIFTY falls and with Falling VIX, Nifty Rises. On the sideways, Nifty also rangebounds. This helps both investors and traders in advance to take position accordingly.
  • Traders uses VIX  in their trading setup. For example, For those who deploy Iron Condor, the range defines the OTM Calls and Puts.
  • Since the Higher Volatility shows the Rapid Change in Prices, Small traders can avoid trading those days, No trade is also a Good Trade. Capital protection is also Important. This can prevent retail traders.
  • As a Hedging instrument. On raising VIX Period , Investors shall buy PUT options or Carry MARRIED PUT positions. On Rangebound VIX Period, they shall have COVERED CALL positions.
  • Use Volatility based STOP Loss (Extreme Calculation shown above) and helps the trader to avoid huge loss in Options selling.
  • On Rising VIX, Avoid shorting PUT options and Vice-versa.

Few Setbacks:

  • VIX Value calculation methodology is tedious.
  • Black Swan events does not follow these extremes. But VIX gives a warning well ahead of it happens. VIX above 20 means trade with warning.


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Happy Investing.!

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