You are currently viewing Nifty Monthly Returns – August 2020 | Index Analysis | HeatMap since 1990

Nifty Monthly Returns – August 2020 | Index Analysis | HeatMap since 1990

Nifty 50 is benchmark index of an Indian stock market. Please see below graph for the Nifty and it’s weightage.

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Past Month Returns : August-2020

  • Nifty50 continued its momentum towards upwards yet on 31st-August, Eventhough it opened GAPUP but had a brutal fall due to Indo-China border tension and still ended the month of August-2020 with a gain of  +2.84% vs +7.49%. (July-2020)
  • This year (April Month) has one of the best monthly returns in the last decade. (+14.58%)
  • This August Monthly Gain Ranks – 153rd out of 362 months since July 1990.
  • Yearly returns stand at the end of August is -6.42%.

To give a picture of monthly returns in past, here is the Nifty Monthly Returns Heatmap:


Top Stocks Performance in Nifty :

Nifty 50 stocks Monthly Performance-August-2020

*VEDL Excluded from Nifty50 and HDFCLife added to the Nifty50 from August Series.

Indices Monthly Performance :

Nifty Indices Monthly Performance-August 2020

TOP 10 NIFTY Monthly Gain

Top 10 nifty monthly gains

TOP 10 NIFTY Monthly Fall



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